It is beneficial to have your sales and marketing team work collectively. It provides a better experience for your prospects, customers, and a positive impact on your ROI.

In this interview, Kasey shares her experience of working with the sales team as Head of Marketing at DataTrue and how marketing automation can help close the gap.

In this interview, we will talk about

  • Some of the challenges for bringing marketing and sales teams together 0:39
  • How marketing automation can be the bridge in between 1:15
  • How to determine what key metrics and KPIs to track 3:32
  • Suggestions on how marketing and sales teams can work together 9:30
  • Recommendations on how to adopt marketing automation for your company 13:33

Key Takeaways

  • Make sure your sales and marketing leaders all aligned on what the KPIs are and what key metrics to track
  • Set up regular meetings for your sales and marketing teams - updates on what each team is currently working on, get the feedback and share information across the board and collaborate on potential marketing campaigns that can support the sales team. For example, the marketing team can run some account-based campaigns to support the sales team.
  • Map out the whole process before purchasing and implementing a marketing automation tool. Kasey suggests to identity what channels and sources you are getting the leads from, how do you want the data to flow from one department to another and how the handoff would look like from marketing to sales.

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