What are some of the common analytics mistakes marketing teams make? How can we avoid them? In this interview, Ruben shares three tips on how to approach analytics implementation in a company.

What I learned From This Interview

  • Don't implement too many tools in a short period. If you go from no tool to 5 tools in a matter of 2 months, you're not going to have the capacity to learn them, to implement them and to manage them
  • Once you decide on the tool stack in your company, educate people on how to use them, and give ownership to someone in your team of the tool. You can also work with your engineering team or developers to get the support internally when implementing a new tool
  • Many analytics tools like Google Analytics give you 100+ metrics out of the box. All the data can be overwhelming for your team to digest. It is helpful to find a framework that works for your business and industry, such as pirate metrics for software companies

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