Growth marketing, growth hacking - what do these buzzwords mean? In this interview, Denny will dive deep into what growth marking is and why companies should approach marketing with an experimentation mindset.

In this interview, we will talk about

  • WTH is growth marketing 0:45
  • A typical day in the life of a growth marketer 3:33
  • How can you structure marketing experiments 4:40
  • An example of how Denny approached a project 6:53
  • How can a company start with growth marketing 14:45


  • Growth marketing can be a incubate for good ideas in your organization - it is about figuring out what works and doesn't work
  • Allocate a percentage of your time and budget to experimentation with new channels, new ideas and new partnerships
  • The problem with most marketing is that we do it waterfall style and we don't learn quickly enough

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