What is good data? Do you think your company's data is good? What are some challenges to gather useable clean data? In this interview, George explains the two definitions of good data, some of the challenges and how you should approach data management in your company.

In this interview, George will go over

  • What does Good Data mean 0:46
  • The first challenging of having good data in a company 1:31
  • The misconception of having good data 4:17
  • Why companies should treat data quality management as an ongoing investment 9:26
  • Fixing data at the right layer 11:00


  • We need to treat data as an asset and the importance of having good data in our organization
  • Create an overall data quality management in your company. The data quality likely will drop when it is transferred over to another database or be consumed by another application
  • Data quality tends to decay. For example, your customers move to a new place or a new company. We should treat data quality management as an on-going program, not a one time off project.
  • A lot of data issues are "fixed" in reports and dashboards but they should be fixed at the source level so that all processes and systems benefit from it.

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