Hosting webinars is a great way to connect with your prospects and clients. You can interact with them directly, repurpose the video content across different platforms and get feedback. Erin shares why they decided to leverage webinars, the steps they took and the results they achieved.

In this interview, we talked about

  • Why did they decide to experiment with webinars 1:57
  • How did they decide on the topic 5:07
  • The channels for promoting this webinar 6:30
  • The goals for their first webinar 14:08
  • The format of this webinar 16:47
  • Improvements they would make for future webinars 22:55


  • Keep the communication open with your team throughout the whole process - your KPIs, what you are trying to achieve and how you can improve further
  • Being flexible when experimenting with any new project - pick realistic KPIs and adjust them appropriately
  • For niche B2B markets, be very targeted with your messages and campaigns - it is better to start small and expand slowly
  • Be helpful - the goal for Erin and her team is to create a knowledge base for their clients and prospects

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